Ashes to ashesAshes to ashes, and dust to dust

That phrase should cause us all to pause for a moment of reflection, re-evaluation, reconciliation and repentance.

Most people spend their lives merrily romping their way through life until they hit the wall. They don’t see the wall and run headlong into it. I firmly believe that people don’t change the course of their lives until they come to grips with their own mortality. Quite often it takes a crisis of limitations to do this. A health problem, addiction, loss of a family member, financial loss, etc.

These events often cause people to repent, to turn in a different direction.

This often means moving into the realm of a deeper spiritual world. Many of your friends won’t like it. You will lose some friends along the way, but that’s okay. We need to burn the
bridges that keep our souls small.

Ashes are a good reminder of burning those bridges. They can be an invitation — to come face to face with our most deeply held beliefs, to have a conversation about our own faith, and to start the process of change.

I know that a new road seems dark and scary, but let the bridges you burn light your way.

Do you really have to wait for a crisis of limitations to change?