Can you help?

Friend, A few years ago, I was accompanying our local Police Chief to look for a high school boy who had left a suicide letter addressed to me on his bedroom dresser. We found him later that day laying dead in the back of a pickup truck with a pistol in his hand. Every time […]

A Story of Faith

Friends, You know how I think “Stories” do the best job of communicating ideas and concepts… well the attached newspaper article does a good job of telling the story of my recent trip in the desert.. the physical and spiritual desert that is! I share it with you in the hope that you might use […]

Virtue of the Week: Faith

Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. And lo, no one was there. We have a choice, we can live by faith or we can live by fear. To live in constant fear and worry is a horrible way to spend your life. How do we stop worrying when our anxiety seems to be out […]

Virtue of the Week: Temperance

THE GREEDY MOUSE A greedy mouse saw a basket full of corn. He wanted to eat it. So he made a small hole in the basket. He squeezed in through the hole. He ate a lot of corn. He felt full. He was very happy. Now he wanted to come out. He tried to come […]

Stop and Smell the Roses

Instant gratification is the cause of most of the problems in our society. Patience has disappeared from a long list of diminishing virtues. Every click, push, turn, and touch makes things beep, buzz, hum, and go pop. Most people don’t even need a key to start their car. Even the drawers and cabinets in many […]

The American Dream

A good friend and fellow coach turned me on to this article. It seems that in the 1930s, “The American Dream” meant freedom, mutual respect, equality of opportunity, character, and values. It had more to do with morality and virtue than material success. What happened to the American Dream? Read the article below for Robert […]

Virtue of the Week: Fortitude

KYLE MAYNARD Kyle Maynard was born with deformed arms and legs but that never stopped him from becoming a Division I Collegiate wrestler at the University of Georgia. He has no arms beyond two rounded stumps and no legs apart from a pair of short appendages with deformed feet . Growing up, Kyle would watch […]

The prodigal son and justice

Friends, Remember the parable of the prodigal son. This is a great example of the difference between “Social (American) Justice” and “Biblical Justice”. Love is truly transformed into mercy when it is necessary to go beyond the narrow confines justice. In today’s world, way too many people run around screaming for Social Justice ( that […]

Virtue of the Week: Justice

LOVE IS TRANSFORMED INTO MERCY WHEN IT GOES BEYOND THE NARROW CONFINES OF JUSTICE. THE FATHER, HIS SON, AND THEIR DONKEY A father and his son were taking their donkey to a neighboring town to sell him. They had not gone far when they met with a group of women sitting near a well, talking […]


One day I got a call from my good friend Justin Fatica. He started the conversation off with “Traeger…. you are like the great encourager”. It kind of caught me off guard and I asked him why. He said it’s because I am like St. Barnabas encouraging St. Paul and others. I thought a little […]