0-9, Win, Lose, Learn

[do action=”vfpagestart”/] “Winning is a great deodorant. When you win, you smell great and everybody loves you. When you lose, you stink and people don’t want to be around you.” So you are probably going to go 0-9 this season? Sure, you are planning on keeping things positive for the kids and you have shined […]

Modern Day Heroes

We have a crisis in America. According to statistics collected by the Children’s Defense Fund, every day in America: 5 children or teens commit suicide. 8 children or teens are killed by firearms. 1,154 babies are born to teen mothers. 2,467 high school students drop out. 2,421 children are confirmed as abused or neglected. 3,477 […]


Things were different back in 1979 when I started coaching football. Sure, you had your kids that had some character problems, but overall most kids had a pretty good moral foundation. We coaches focused primarily on coaching the X’s and O’s, athletic conditioning, and trying to win ball games. Things are much different now days. […]

Teaching the Virtues

By Christina Hoff Sommers Associate Professor of Philosophy, Clark University Not very long ago, I published an article called “Ethics without Virtue” in which I criticized the way ethics is being taught in American colleges. I pointed out that there is an overemphasis on social policy questions, with little or no attention being paid to […]

Yeardley Love’s funeral

By Joe Ehrmann I went to Yeardley Love’s funeral with my twenty two year old son. The University of Virginia lacrosse player was apparently murdered at the hands of a former boyfriend. My son, a college lacrosse player, was friends with Yeardley, her accused murderer, and many of the men and women on the UVA […]


April 30, 2010 Our mission is to help our young people grow moral virtues through education, deliberate virtuous acts, perseverance in struggles, and by following good examples. I would like to drill down a little deeper into the “example” part of this equation. Aristotle had a pretty good handle on the learning process, and modern […]

Speak it into Existence

March 27, 2010 I had been coaching about 10 years and our teams had had moderate success. We were average, ever looking for the secret formula that would propel our program to the next level. A state contender. Then one day, it dawned on us. While we all were harboring secret thoughts of playing for […]

Entitlement – Generation “Me”: What to do about it.

April 16, 2010 As a coach, you are on the front lines, so it’s probably no news to you that today’s kids act more “entitled” than they used to. Isn’t it nice when scientific study backs up what’s happening in real life. A new study by San Diego State professor Jean Twenge (author of: The […]