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A few years ago, I was accompanying our local Police Chief to look for a high school boy who had left a suicide letter addressed to me on his bedroom dresser. We found him later that day laying dead in the back of a pickup truck with a pistol in his hand. Every time I hear of another teen suicide I say to myself “What if one adult, one coach, one teacher had taken the time to form a mentoring relationship with that kid?” Our teenagers today are suffering from a lack of strong character building relationships with adults. Bullying, abuse, depression, isolation, and a constant barrage of technological and media temptations…..these are issues teens deal with every day.

You can help us re-build strong character in today’s teens. The solution is to form mentoring relationships with them based on an old-fashioned concept… VIRTUE.

Won’t you please give a gift to help re-build character in our kids?

For a little less than $20.00 per teenager per year you can put mentors, curriculums, one on one counseling, and virtue based encouragement in each of their lives. When stacked against the billions of dollars we spend on trying to teach them Math, History, and English, this $20.00 is a great deal.

Here are the ways you can make a donation to help our kids:
By Online using PayPal/Visa/MC:
By VISA or MasterCard: please call Coach Traeger at 503-910-2072.
By Mail: send your check to The National Alliance for Character Development, P.O. Box 903, Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362.

Thank You So Much and your donation will make a difference in kids lives!

Coach Randy Traeger

P.S.: We have two huge events for kids coming up at the end of October so your timely gift would be most helpful. I have attached two flyers. Visit for more information.

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