Carrot or tea bag

Take two boiling pots of water. Into one drop a carrot and then into the other drop a tea bag. The carrot goes in straight and sturdy; it has been well raised. But over time, after it hits the heat and pressure of the boiling water, it becomes soft and pliable and will bend in any direction you choose to bend it. Or it just becomes mush.

The tea bag is totally different from the carrot. When it hits the water it almost immediately changes the water. By adding heat and pressure, the tea bag changes the environment into something much better.

The boiling water represents the environment we are placed in …

Do we let the environment change us in a negative way? (Carrot)


Do we change the environment around us in a positive way? (Tea Bag)

So I ask you: Which do you want to be? A Carrot or a Tea Bag? Being a Tea Bag takes sacrifice. The tea bag must “give of itself” in order to change the water.