Virtue of the Week: Morality

One Fish Once upon a time Michael the Archangel and St. Paul and went for a short stroll around Jerusalem. They saw a poor looking rabbi begging. St. Paul felt pity at him and he gave him a bag full of 100 gold denarii. The rabbi became very happy and thanked St. Paul. He left […]

Virtue of the Week: Morality

Save the Dog? It is no wonder that in 15 years of asking high school students throughout America whether, in an emergency situation, they would save their dog or a stranger first, most students have answered that they would save their dog. “I love my dog, I don’t love the stranger,” they always say. The […]

Virtue of the Week: Morality

How Do We Regain the Morality of Our Society? The reality is that no system of government can force morality on its citizenry. Cultural renewal requires more than the passage of a set of laws demanding morality. It requires that people—individually and collectively—want to be moral. The words of two widely separated individuals, Cal Thomas […]

Virtue of the Week: Morality

Friends, Sometimes the virtue of morality is a hard one to get our hands around. I hope this information helps. Morality and the “Baby Lab”:

Do you have the COURAGE to talk to teenagers about this? You know it’s going on, what are you going to do about it!

Online Porn is the Most Harmful Threat Facing Children Today. By Martin Daubney The moment I knew internet pornography had cast its dark shadow over the lives of millions of ordinary teenagers will live with me forever. I was sitting in the smart drama hall of a specialist sports college in the North of England […]


Think about it. Can’t we trace most of the problems of our society today back to a “loss of soul”? If we want to change things for the better, we need to start with the “soul”. We need to stop treating the symptoms of our sick society and get down to the cause of the […]

Modern Media Myths

3 Myths of Modern Manhood: Our modern media tells us that in order to be a man today you need… Athletic Ability: If you are not a superior athlete you are not manly. Sexual conquest over women: If you are not a “player” you are not manly. Economic Success: If you are not “rich” you […]


We are compelled, we are called, to address the problem of rebuilding the moral foundation of Americas youth. Our society struggles with finding solutions to our current moral crisis. How can we teach morality and virtue to our youth when today’s society tells us that no morality or virtue set can be validated? How in […]

Walking on the Fence

The near occasion of vice is the “Fence” which divides us between the Land of Life (Virtue) and the Desert of Death (Vice). And this is no literary exaggeration. Many people often walk on top of this fence without even knowing it. Some are completely innocent, the un-awakened by vice, temptation bites them, they lose […]


Self-discipline is the means by which we are able to safeguard our souls from things that would be harmful to us. Keeping “Custody of our Spirit” enables us to be responsible guardians and keepers of that soul. Custody of our Spirit means avoiding not just the vice itself, but those well-known traps that would cause […]