Virtue of the Week: Self-Respect

IDENTITYBy Julio Noboa, Jr. Let them be as flowers, always watered, fed, guarded, admired, but harnessed to a pot of dirt. I’d rather be a tall, ugly weed, clinging on cliffs, like an eagle wind-wavering above high, jagged rocks. To have broken through the surface of stone, to live, to feel exposed to the madness […]

Virtue of the Week: Self-Respect

THE PENCIL MAN There is a story about a wealthy banker who always tossed a coin in the cup of a legless beggar who sat on the street outside his bank. But, unlike most people, the banker would always insist on getting one of the pencils the man had beside him. “You are a merchant,” […]

Virtue of the Week: Self Respect

Here’s how to gain self-respect in 12 simple steps: Determine your values: Random action based on guess-work or the opinions of others won’t do the trick. Your actions must be guided by your values, and your values must reflect your authentic self. These values are the foundation for every decision and action in your life. […]

Virtue of the Week: Self-Respect

6 Signs Social Media is Killing Your Self-Respect Social media can give us a false sense of belonging and connecting that is not built on real-life exchanges. This makes it increasingly easy to lose oneself to cyberspace connections and give them more weight than they deserve. When we look to social media, we end up […]

Strengthen Your Spirit

Build a Strong Spirit by Exercising Virtue Your spirit is the very essence of who you are. It is comprised of your emotions, will, character, heart, intellect, and general countenance toward life. Someone who is always depressed, angry, unhappy, judgmental, and rude has a weak spirit. On the other hand, someone who is always joyful, […]

Education and Self-Respect

American schools have had from their inception a moral mandate. Moral authority, once vested firmly in both our schools and teachers, has receded dramatically over the past few decades. While many teachers are valiantly working to promote good character in their classrooms, many are receiving mixed and confusing messages. Attempts made to restore values and […]


Here are a couple of outdated words in the English language that I think we should bring back and use more. Fain: to want, to desire, to be compelled to do. and Feign: to pretend or act. Some of my favorite writings are those of Blasé Pascal (1623-1662), a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and […]


Our players all have one thing in common, a natural tendency to rebel and be drawn toward vice. Let’s face it, we all have that inside of us. If we are going to help our players be virtuous, then we are going to have to recognize that this is the starting point. Juveniles are rebellious. […]

Putting Virtue First in Our Schools

The main problem facing our schools today is a lack of virtue. All of our other problems stem from it. Our educator’s attempts at school reform will fail unless character education and teaching the virtues is put at the top of the agenda. If students don’t learn about the virtues of self-discipline and respect for […]

Positive Self Talk

The other night as I was walking into the weight room for a team weights session, I noticed a young man sitting outside the weight room on a bench. Let’s call him Steve. Steve is a boy I had watched develop as a football player from the 5th grade to high school. I was anticipating […]