Christmas Encouragement

A friend (Tom Fullmer) sent this link to me the other day, and I thought I would save it to send just before Christmas.

I know many of you are on similar missions of sacrificing to change our culture and improve the lives of young people. I know that many of you get discouraged from time to time. We ask ourselves if it is really worth it all? Are we making an impact?

Quite often we never see the fruits of our work.

Jesus sent his disciples out two by two. I think this was so they could encourage each other when spreading the good news got tough. Similarly we need to encourage one another to continue moving forward in our service in each of our missions. We need to remind each other that God has equipped us with the tools we need, that He treasures our work for Him, and that all our struggles are worth it.

Ever seen that Yule Log burning display on public television that airs every Christmas eve? Every once in a long while someone reaches in with a poker and stirs the fire. Think of your encouraging others like tending that fire. Stir up the fire in others that is about to go out, put some logs on their fire to keep it burning and to increase its intensity.

This video clip is both encouraging and heart-warming. Let’s stir up some fires with it!

Bob Welsh – My Christmas Eve