EncouragementI am constantly amazed at the lack of hope that pervades our culture. Nothing new, this has been going on for a couple thousand years. When we experience discouragement, where can we turn? Though it may not feel like it at times, discouragement and having no hope is a choice. We can either allow circumstances to drag us down into depression and despair or we can look for encouragement. Millions of people, young and old alike are looking for encouragement now days. You can help.

A pioneer missionary in Africa tells how he was taking the gospel to a new tribe, far to the north. With his bearers, he arrived at a village, a point beyond which his porters refused to go. The missionary appealed to the local chief . Was there someone in his village who could act as his guide to the distant northern tribe? The chief summoned a man, tall, battle scarred, carrying a large axe. A bargain was made and the next morning the missionary set off through the bush, following his new guide. The way became increasingly rough and the path had all but disappeared. There was an occasional mark blazed on a tree, occasionally a narrow path. Finally the missionary called a halt. He asked the guide if he was sure he knew the way. The man pulled himself up to his full height. “White man,” he said, “you see this axe in my hand? You see these scars on my body? With this axe I blazed the trail to the tribal village to which we go. I came from there. These scars I received when I made the way. You ask me if I know the way? Before I came, there was no way. I am the way!”

Be the way for people’s lives that you touch. Show them the path.

What’s my job? To encourage people. What’s your job? To encourage others. To show them the light. To give them hope.

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