Food For Thought

SheepIn ancient times, the shepherd would always walk ahead of his sheep. He was always out in front and the sheep would follow him.

When the flock would need to move, they would follow the shepherd. Moving the flock occurred regularly as it was in the best interest of the sheep to move to new greener pastures. If the sheep stayed in one place too long, they would eat all the grass and starve to death.

If the sheep wandered off on their own, without the direction of the shepherd, they would also meet disaster. The shepherd would always move the flock forward to green pastures, quiet waters and restful valleys. The flock became so dependent on the shepherd that if any sheep lost sight of the shepherd they would simply stop and lay down, refusing to move. They knew that when the shepherd cannot be seen to follow it is always dangerous to move forward. Sheep don’t look too far down the road, they are not overly concerned about their next step, they are not eager to choose their own path, nor are they weighted down with heavy responsibilities of the future.

Sheep simply follow the shepherd…… step at a time.

We can learn a lot from sheep.