FragranceVirtue is very much like a beautiful fragrance that lies hidden in a spice plant. Virtue can lie unused or underdeveloped in people’s hearts.

Many of these spice seeds can be planted in our soul, but for many the air is never filled with the aroma of great virtuous deeds.

The same wind blows on the thistle and the spice plant, but only one of them emits a rich fragrance.

What are the seeds of virtue doing in your soul?

Sometimes it is necessary for the seeds to be burned in order for them to release their aroma, just like a juniper plant smells the sweetest when it is thrown into the flames. So to, are the seeds of our virtue when the richest qualities of our soul are released by the strong winds of suffering and adversity.

Burned hearts often emit the fragrance that others love to smell the most.

Light a fire!