Hiding your spirituality?

hiding your spiritualityAre you hiding your spirituality?

Our spirituality is like a fragranced candle. Until you light it, it casts no light nor ever fills the air with a sweet aroma. No one can enjoy your spirituality until you light the candle.

Some of us deny our own spirituality. We ignore it, we neglect it, we either sleep walk through life never awakened to our own spirituality, or we hurry through life so fast that we simply don’t have time to address it.

By keeping our spirituality hidden, we do a disservice to ourselves and the people whom we love. We refuse the opportunity of truly sharing all of yourself with other people. We rob others of the chance to learn from us. It is simply self-centered and stingy to hoard our spirituality. Just like the un-lit scented candle….no one can ever enjoy what it has to offer.

Here’s the paradox: not sharing your spirituality with others may feel safe and secure. But without sharing it, you will never overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that lead you to search for a deeper and richer spirituality. Only by sharing your spiritual journey can you grow and expand.

I made a major life change and began sharing my spirituality with my family, friends, coaches, and players. The more I share, the easier it becomes. It feels less scary, less exposing. My spirituality deepens when I explain it to others. I receive insight and support from people who love me. My open sharing of my spiritual journey helps my friends have profound shifts of their own.

Sometimes our Creator causes severe winds of trial to blow upon us to develop our spirituality. Just as a scented candle smells sweetest and casts the greatest light when thrown into full flames, so the richest qualities of our humanity often arises under the strong winds of suffering and adversity.

The passion of a burning heart emits the fragrance that others love to smell.

This Christmas ……. light your candle.