Humility by Fritz Knapp

Humility Fritz Knapp

Humility: “Humility is not desiring power, praise or prestige; just understanding that we are vessels for a greater glory.”

True greatness is achieved through maximum effort, desirable result (or not), and a response that inspires others towards achieving their goals without drawing undue attention to our own talents.

Others will gauge our performance by our attitude at the end of the day. Humility is the exclamation point that is a visible demonstration of greatness. If sports can help us reach beyond ourselves, then humility, modesty, or a “lack of false pride” ought to come naturally as we recall how many people have helped us reach the level at which we compete, as well as how many failures preceded our success.

Humility is recognizing that we are the clay and the Potter is molding us for a greater purpose. Sports are simply a medium through which we can give the Potter his due: a showcase for the Creator’s handiwork.

By Fritz Knapp