Patiently wait for the dawn

Patiently wait for the dawnWe are so slow to recognizing the purpose behind many of our trials. The pain that we currently suffer through is ignorant and doesn’t care whether we understand or not. When the grieving women “were sitting outside the empty tomb”, do you think they were rejoicing over what would come to be two thousand years of triumph? I bet not. I bet they couldn’t see beyond the fact that their savior was gone and they were very sad.

We are much the same way, we sit across from the empty tombs of our lives and say to ourselves, “What a disaster, I am devastated; there is no way out of this.” “This is the end!” And yet right in the middle of our deepest and worst calamities, our Salvation is often just lying there, a few feet from us just waiting to be resurrected.

We are usually blind to the truth, that Our Savior is where our death seems to be. At the end of our hope, we find the brightest beginning of fulfillment. Where darkness seems the deepest, the most radiant light is set to emerge. Like they say that it is the darkest right before the dawn, our choice is to weep and wail peering into an empty tomb, or shout for joy that the dawn is coming.

At first it looks like barren ground, devoid of life, there are no flowers, no buds, no leaves, nothing that could foretell of the coming glory. If we patiently wait for the dawn, we will learn that there were flowers planted in the garden all along, all we had to do was wait, and keep a close eye out for them, then we will know love, hope, faith, triumph, joy and peace.