Real Enterprise!


Every man is known by his own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from the bramble bush.Luke 6-44

What do you call WORK?

Behold, there is a day coming when you will regret your spiritual lethargy and you will ask, “Why did we leave the vineyard without finishing our work?”

Those worldly things that we toss and toil over will be recognized for what they really are – chaff and worthlessness. There will be nothing of lasting value, and no reward for the works of your hands which you have done to satisfy your own pride and designs.

Are you living simply to satisfy your own human heart and understanding?

Don’t you know that you have been designed for better things, a higher purpose, a greater enterprise than what this world offers?

You were designed for greatness. Place your life in the hands of a higher power where you will be strengthened, comforted, and led by the hand to eternal victories that lie beyond the confines of meager human enterprises.