Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator MagnetsFriends,

The outside of your refrigerator says a lot about what is important in your life. It’s there in front of your face all the time. A research study was conducted by anthropologist Anthony Graesch in Los Angeles a few years ago. They noted an average of 52 items posted on peoples refrigerators —including school calendars, family photos, kids drawings, and grocery store lists. It turns out that the household refrigerator is the focus of family memory… what’s important today and tomorrow.

We use tangible things like photos and notes to remind us of mundane family issues. By keeping these items in front of our face in this hectic world we live in, makes it more likely that we will remember them.

That is the whole reason for our focus on the “ Virtue of the Week”. Focusing on one virtue for a whole week becomes a powerful daily reminder to deliberately practice that virtue.

We think about that virtue every day. We talk to our friends and family about that virtue. We impress that virtue on our children.

By practicing “Virtue of the Week”, we slowly build our character. Kind of like my Doctor telling me that two or three short walks every day is better for me than one long rigorous one.

A little bit at a time contributes to life-long learning.

After all, building our character is the work of a life time isn’t it?