Small quiet voice

The Storms of LifeEveryone has their storms that they are called to weather.

What storms are on your horizon? Job loss, health, family issues, financial crisis, problem with a child, addiction, there are plenty to go around. I know that you have heard that God speaks to us in the storm, but what does that mean?

Gods speaking to us in a still small voice demonstrates that He doesn’t usually communicate with us through dramatic revelations or manifestations.

More often than not, God speaks to us through storms in our life. Our hearts are so hardened that it seems the only way to get through to us is to first “break” us on the rocks of life. But that is not what God ultimately intends. His divine purpose is to softly and tenderly speak to our hearts in the secret and hidden places during the storm. Places that cannot be reached in fair weather.

The difference between God speaking to us as our souls are being tossed to and fro, then through the still, small voice that reaches our secret hidden place, can be also considered as showing the difference between law and love. The law is loud, heartless and usually rammed down our throats, but love is a gentle voice of mercy, of peace, pardon, righteousness. The law breaks the stony hearts of men into pieces and we think that this is the wrath and punishment that we deserve. We try and fight the law, and we never let it into our hearts.

But the quiet gentle voice amidst the storm penetrates the depths of our souls and brings us peace and pardon.

If you are having a hard time hearing that small voice during troubling times, I suggest three things to help you. Serve others, spend time with spiritual readings, and pray. These are exercises that get us ready to recognize the small quiet voice when it comes.

Are you listening?