Sports: The New Secular Religion of America and Coaches are the Pastors.

Coaches are the Pastors

In every community across America our young men and women are suffering the horrible effects of a toxic society filled with Individualism (What’s in it for me?), Hedonism (If it feels good, do it!), Minimalism (I’m going to do just enough to get by), Relativism (There are no “truths”), and Materialism (Whoever dies with the most toys wins).

Sport’s is the most powerful counteractive weapon we have to help kids fill the voids left by our society’s shortcomings. Due to the “charismatic” nature of sports, coaches have the undivided attention of their players. Every day coaches look into hungry young eyes staring back at them begging for instruction and hanging on every word. Having this un-divided attention of kids, places a great social and moral responsibility on coaches to use their position for something greater than “how to field a grounder”, “shoot a basket”, “or make a tackle”.

A Pastor is anyone having the spiritual care of a number of persons.

Coaches truly are pastors of their teams, and should use their position, first and foremost to teach life lessons and to strengthen the moral character of their players as well as their overall sports community.

Coaches are naturally X’s and O’s guys, ministering “hearts” (img009.png) comes a little harder. But once coaches get past the “ego-macho thing”, then they can begin to focus on healing kid’s hearts, and rebuilding their moral foundations with the tools they need to help them deal with the harmful effects of the vulgarity, porn, drug use, violence, alcohol, parental abuse and sexual promiscuity they are bombarded with every day.

Sports are the hinge-pin redemptive tool in our modern society for teaching our youth the things they will need to live a good life and coaches hold the key to un-locking that redemption.

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