Surrender the Walls

Tear Down the WallFriends,

We spend most of our adult life building walls that ultimately become a division between us and God. Many of us take this path in our life.

Our pride.
Our material possessions.
Our pursuit of a career.
Our toys and hobbies.
Our lust for information technology.
Our break-neck speed of life.

In one way or another, American culture says that these things are something to be valued, but I say if they separate us from God they are of no value what so ever.

God asks us to break down all the walls that separate us from Him. He asks us to surrender everything to Him. Sometimes he whispers, sometimes he talks, and sometimes he has to shout to get our attention.

Find a quiet place, take time to pause, look at yourself and those around you. Are you and those in your life troubled and heavy laden? Are you down trodden? Are you depressed and stressed out with your life. All of this pain comes from the walls that you have built between you and God.

Surrender these walls. Tear down these walls. Place them all at the feet of our Lord.

Once you do that, you will discover that all that is left is you and Him.

And that is all He ever wanted anyway.