Turn Away from Vice

If we are going to live a virtuous life, we must turn away from vice every time it try’s to peck at our soul. We must also break the chains that vice has on our hearts and extinguish the fires of temptation that are sparked in our souls. To do this, quite often we must turn our backs on the ways of the world and the social acceptance of supposed friends. This is a very hard thing for most of us to do because at heart, we are all social animals.

“Turn away from vice!” It’s a simple phrase, that is easy to say and hard to do. The best that we can hope to accomplish will be difficult and gradual. We each must fight our own personal battle to turn away from vice. Sometimes have help from friends and family, but more often than not, the most difficult battles are fought in the dark and private recesses of our own hearts and souls. There the battle’s rage with volleys of suffering, pain, self-denial, victories, losses, and personal heroism. To effectively win our souls war with vice, we often rely on these battle strategies:

  1. We separate ourselves from friends or associates that are vicious (practice vice). Birds of a feather flock together. Find new friends or associates that are virtuous.
  2. We avoid, or run away from occasions and situations where we are tempted to sin. This includes avoiding events or places where vice lives. Don’t go. Leave now.
  3. We become cognizant of what vices have their hooks in us. We learn to discipline ourselves, to repress and cut off these attachments. We know our weaknesses.
  4. We extinguish the fires of temptation when they are a tiny spark, before they grow into an inferno in our soul. We exhibit self control.
  5. We discipline our senses by practicing small acts of self deprivation. We become the master of our emotions, rather than a slave to them.
  6. We die unto ourselves by serving others.

In order to turn away from vice, we must position ourselves courageously against human nature, against the world, and against the approval of our modern society. The price is high. It’s no easy thing to conquer our passions, our emotions, our weaknesses, our temptations. However, every time we have a victory over vice, it strengthens our soul. When our soul becomes strong, the temptations that do come, touch only the surface of our soul. They do not penetrate; they do not gain a foothold. And when they are gone, we experience the joy of victory, achieved by the strengthening of our own will and the conquering of temptation. Only then do we stand ready as strong and generous souls ready to serve our fellow man.