Thanks Nick and Kirsten!

Somebody has been praying for me. Somebody has been knocking on heaven’s door for me.
Thank you and all my love.

Thanks so much to Mt. Angel Middle Schools Mr.Ortega.

A champion of Virtue with his student produced virtue video’s.

“Solidarity” from Mr. Ortega.


These Virtue Developmental Videos were created by Drew Hinds, Ed.D. and Brad Childs.



Thanksgiving honor for ‘Band of Brothers’ who stood up to bullies.


Virtue First from Tom Shannon.

Justin Fatica has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Education. He has impacted over 1 million young people for the past ten years with his message. Since 19 years old schools have been hiring him to do all school assemblies and parent evenings. Now you have the ability with the Virtue 1st program to have a 52 week follow up program after Justin leaves. He is an International Speaker and best selling author. He has been featured on HBO, GMA, ABC Nightline, and more. Through his passion, humor, and interaction with the crowd, Justin understands and relates to young people like no one else.


Virtue First Presentation


Ben Walther shares his understanding of Courage


Virtue Consultants


Simple Acts of Kindness