Virtue of the Week: Charity

Dear Friends,

The Lord has called Coach Randy Traeger home. He is now walking in Heaven in the presence of Jesus and his beloved sister Kim. Randy will be greatly missed by family, friends, the athletes he coached, and the thousands whom he impacted through his e-mails with the Virtue of the Week!

Randy fought the good fight by encouraging all of us to seek virtue on a daily basis and to never tire of doing good! For Randy, Jesus was the virtue he always sought to put first. For Randy, Virtue First was Jesus First in every day of his life.

He loved, he encouraged, and he equipped so many people to live godly lives. He will be missed greatly. Authentic, courageous, and obedient to the call of the Holy Spirit was Randy. May his legacy endure and his memory remain in our hearts. As Randy would say on one of the wrist bands that he gave to so many people:

What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity!Coach Randy Traeger
Randy’s echo will always be amazing!

The Virtue of The Week: Charity

Charity is defined on page 635 of Randy’s Encyclopedia of Virtue as “The strength to do good for others. It is living in the service of everyone around us and giving of ourselves in complete selflessness”. The vice that is opposite to the virtue of Charity is Selfishness.

Who do you know that lives out the virtue of Charity. Thank them today, for being true to the calling Jesus has for all of us to love our neighbor as ourselves. You might read or re-read the story on page 143 of Randy’s “Voices of Virtue” book as he amplifies this point of loving your neighbor through a story told in the Bible. You know the parable…”The Good Samaritan”, but have you ever really studied who is your neighbor?

Be of genuine help to someone today, tomorrow, and every one of the days you have left in your life regardless of who the person is male/female/transgender/ or ethnically, economically, politically, socially, and especially religious, spiritual, or atheist. Your remaining days have been given to you so that you may be charitable to others through and by the grace of God!

Thanks to Coach Crace and Valerie Boen for their assistance.

Rest in Peace Randy.