Virtue of the Week: Chastity


There is more than one type of chastity. Of course we all know that we need to control our sexual desire with chastity, another less talked about type of chastity is also important in today’s culture.

Chastity of your Intellect.

Your willingness to believe in one or many people or things in the absence of reasonable proof or knowledge can be childlike in a good way. This willingness to believe is the same as pure and unsoiled virginity; don’t give it up too quickly and too easily. Your intellect should be chaste, not promiscuous; your intellect should not drop its drawers for every seductive but hare-brained idea that tries to lure you into its clutches. The world is always trying to draw you out and draw you in. Your intellect should not be promiscuous; an important part of your intellect should be saved for “The Right One”, the One Idea to which you can be faithful and chaste for the rest of your life. Eventually, of course, the intellect has to give itself up to something, or Someone, that One Big, Beautiful Idea you can live with and die for. What is that one big idea that you will wait for, live with, and die for?

A man’s crown of glory is his courage, a woman’s her chastity.Unknown

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