Virtue of the Week: Gentleness

kindly; amiable: a gentle manner.
not severe, rough, or violent; mild..
moderate: gentle.
polite; refined; respectable.

Gentleness is the virtue that restrains the passion of anger. In order to be truly gentle, one must be strong. Only strong people can be gentle, because gentleness restrains strength by love. Gentleness is not an option. It is a grave obligation.

Learn the Strength of Gentleness with Pastor Rick Warren

Virtuous Leaders Must Be Gentle

Call to mind the example of the Good Shepard. This is the perfect description of a virtuous leader. He is one who acts as a shepherd to those sheep in his gentle care.

We coaches, teachers, administrators, managers, pastors, and parents need to be gentle shepherds. As gentle shepherds we have several roles in regards to our sheep. We lead, feed, nurture, comfort, correct and protect.

We should do all these things with profound gentleness.

The virtuous leader should comfort his sheep, binding up their wounds and applying the balm of compassion and love. People in general , kids in particular, in today’s society, suffer many injuries to their spirits, and we need compassionate gentle leaders who will bear their burdens with them, sympathize with their circumstances, exhibit patience towards them, and encourage them.

Likewise as the shepherd used the crook of his staff to pull a wandering sheep back into the fold, so the virtuous leader corrects and disciplines those in his care when they go astray. Without vengeance or an overbearing spirit, but with a spirit of gentleness, virtuous leaders must correct when sheep wander into the field of vice. We should gather our straying lambs in our arms and carry them close to our hearts back to the fold. More often than not, this should be done with gentle promptings, but sometimes the sheep need a stronger tug.

I challenge you to be a gentle leader.

(excerpt from Building Character – One Virtue at a Time, Randy Traeger)