Virtue of the Week: Modesty

ModestyFacebook Modesty

I think this will be an uncomfortable topic for many. The question is, “What does the virtue of modesty have to do with Facebook?”

It has to do with modesty and keeping custody of our spirit. Keeping “Custody of our Spirit” enables us to be responsible guardians and keepers of our soul.

Practicing the virtue of modesty today isnt just about not being a braggert or showing your cleavage. Today, vanity has evolved into a much more cunning temptation, through the use of technology.

“Social networking”, while serving the virtuous purpose of connecting old friends and family, also feeds into a new individualism. With Facebook and Twitter, the trend is to put your every thought and action out there for the world to see, fostering a growing trend of narcissism (self-absorption). Posting a picture of the bologna sandwich I am currently eating, my toothbrush, the TV show I am watching (I have seen all these things on Facebook)….really? Do you really think that anyone cares whether or not you just put in a load of wash?

The lack of modesty gets even worse when people start saying (or typing) this or that in hopes of making ourselves appear more important than we are, or to please others, or to gain their approval. Using Facebook to create and promote a false and inflated image of yourself is not modesty. Is it humble to paste pictures of myself that stroke my vanity? When I “tweet” or “text” others, am I saying something that is necessary or not? Am I encouraging gossip or just wasting other peoples’ time? What did mom used to say? “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

When it comes to social networking, we need to maintain custody of our spirit. We need to control ourselves and confine ourselves to the truth. If you think your life is so boring that others will not take interest in it, then spend your time on Facebook by simply building up and encouraging your friends and family.

We all could use a little encouragement.

Modesty is a Quality

I have often wished I had time to cultivate modesty… But I am too busy thinking about myself.Edith Sitwell