Virtue of the Week: Morality

MoralityHow Do We Regain the Morality of Our Society?
The reality is that no system of government can force morality on its citizenry. Cultural renewal requires more than the passage of a set of laws demanding morality. It requires that people—individually and collectively—want to be moral.

The words of two widely separated individuals, Cal Thomas and the former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, strike at the heart of the matter. Thomas writes, “When a building’s foundation is in disrepair, it must be replaced. This will take a change of heart and mind that requires different behavior and lifestyle choices. No politician can legislate that.” Sadat wrote in his autobiography, “He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality.” The most vital key to ultimately creating a truly reformed culture is the change that will have to occur within the “very fabric” of people’s thoughts.

While activists and legislators strive to reform a culture through the politics of democracy and self-determination, the real solution lies in creating virtuous family-like cultures on a worldwide scale.

That day is coming.