Virtue of the Week: Surrender


A native warrior Scout goes looking for the truth. He rides his horse across dry lands for hours, until he sees God standing alone on a hill. God has seen him approaching from afar. The Scout dismounts his horse and walks toward God, taking three war arrows in his hands. Head held high, he lifts the three arrows overhead and breaks them. He then lays them at God’s feet. He stands silent.

God looks at the broken arrows and simply waves his hand down and outward in dismissal. The Scout stands silent.

After a few minutes, the Scout returns to his horse and takes the blanket off its bare back. He turns and holds it above his shoulders in offer to God. God looks at the beautiful woven blanket and waves his hand in dismissal. The Scout stands in silence.

Minutes pass before he returns to his horse. He stands and strokes his most prized possession before presenting its reigns to God. God again waves his hand in silent dismissal. The Scout stands silent, looking at God. God now looks into his eyes.

The grasses of the plain wave gently in the uncounted moments, until time and eternity meet and the Scout drops to his knees.

Then the warrior Scout realizes that God has called him, not to negotiate the terms of some divine relationship but for the warrior Scout to surrender and lay all his earthly possessions and passions aside and turn to the Giver of Life. Then, and only then, after surrendering everything, and when there is just the warrior Scout peering into the eyes of his God did he find truth.

SURRENDER helps me to understand that “I can’t steer the river!” “I need to float like a leaf down the river of life.!”

Stephen Mast
Old hippies never die, they just surrender to society." author="" /]