Virtue of the Week: Truth

Truth, like milk, arrives in the dark
But even so, wise dogs don’t bark.
Only mongrels make it hard
For the milkman to come up the yard.Christopher Morley

The Drunken Plumber

In a certain town, there lived a plumber, by the name of Cecil. One day, he fell down in a pit under the influence of alcohol and hurt himself on the forehead. The wound healed, but it left a big scar on his forehead.

After some time, there was famine in the country and the plumber decided to go to the countries capital and join the royal army to earn his livelihood. When the President’s recruiters noticed the big scar on the plumber’s forehead, they thought to themselves, “This man has such a big battle scar on his forehead. He must be a very brave man.” And thinking on those lines, they placed the plumber amongst the royal soldiers with great honor.

When the other soldiers saw that he was being favored just because of a scar, they became jealous but could not say anything because they feared the President.

One day, an enemy army launched a massive attack on the country. The President himself came to inspect his army and when he saw the plumber, he asked him, “O brave soldier, in which battle did you get this scar on your forehead?”
“Mister President Sir!” replied the plumber. “I did not get this scar in a battle. I fell down in a pit because I was very drunk and this is how I got this scar. Otherwise, I was a plumber by profession before I joined your army.”

When the President heard this, he got very embarrassed and asked the plumber to leave the capital immediately. The plumberr requested the President, “Mister President Sir, Please do not throw me out of your army. Put me to test in a battle.”

The President replied, “No doubt you have some excellent qualities, but it would be better for you to go home. The moment the other soldiers come to know that you are a plumber and not a soldier, they will kill you.”

When the plumber heard this, he quickly left the capital.

The moral of the story is: Continue being what you really are or else you will pay for it.

  • Truth is true – even if no one knows what it is.
  • Truth is true – even if no one knows why it is true
  • Truth is true – even if no one likes it
  • Truth is true – even if people cannot agree on what it is
  • Truth is true – even if it is painful
  • Truth is true – even if it is not personally beneficial

B.J. Clarke Tells This Story

He was driving into town to do his radio show when he came upon a terrible accident. Out in a field, just off the road, there was an overturned School Bus. Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and all kinds of emergency vehicles were on the scene. EMT’s were tending to children and loading some into ambulances as other ambulances rushed away from the scene toward the hospital. All the way for the rest of his drive, he could only think about how terrible it was going to be for all of those parents to hear that their children were involved in that accident and injured or even killed. When he arrived at the radio station he began to ask the receptionist if she knew what had happened and if there was any news. She began to laugh at him! “You don’t know, do you?” She said. “What are you talking about,” he asked. “There was no accident. They’re conducting a drill. They’ve taken some of the kids from the school to participate and they’re testing the Emergency response for a major accident.” Now B.J.’s feelings of worry and concern for the children and their parents were real. But the genuineness of his feelings did not prove the truthfulness of the event. What he believed was real produced real feelings, but he was deceived. How many people today have been deceived into believing that something is true based on their emotions and feeling? Their feelings are genuine, but if they are based on falsehood instead of truth, their feelings are worthless. Do you seek the truth that is based on your feelings?

Video on Truth: