Virtue Stories Websites

When we lost story-telling, we lost our way.  We need stories to help us understand things that are right in front of our eyes, but that we can’t see.  Stories help us make sense of a senseless world.  Where did I come from?  Where am I going?  How much time to I have to get there?  The story of my personal journey through life, it’s beginning, the middle, and the end; stories of repentance, reform, and regeneration.  These stories make known things about our personal struggle between good and evil , that take place on the battlefield of the human heart. Somewhere along the way, we replaced stories and words with corporate “logo’s or slogans”; and we all are worse off for it.

We need to get back to honoring age old stories, and writing new ones about our own lives.

The problem is that many of us find it hard to talk about things that are deep inside us; we don’t have the skill with words, myth, metaphor, or poetry to express the truths inside us.  Words become very important; especially “good” words, virtuous words. Our lives and the lives of our kids are inundated with bad words. We are left to interpret life using these bad words: words like greed, sex, sin, drugs, hate, abuse, and terror.  If these are the only words that we are using to write our life stories with, you can imagine how they severely limit the possibilities of our life and can turn us and our children into sad little creatures.

Our lack of stories and diminished virtue vocabulary has left us thinking that we are living a trivial life that amounts to nothing; lives of quiet desperation.   No one ever hears our story, we don’t tell it to them because we think it’s ugly and insignificant…..but that is far from the truth. Each of us is living a great hero’s story.  We just need to find the right words and start telling that story.  These words are the words of virtue….faith, hope, courage, love, perseverance, charity, etc.

We need to start using these words and telling virtuous stories to our young people at every opportunity we can get.  The power of the “words of virtue” to form the soul and heal our culture is amazing and immeasurable, especially in these times of great uncertainty.  So what’s your story?

The following is a list of several websites that feature stories about virtue: