Virtue: Walk the Walk


To those of you who are working to grow virtue every day……..I say “Thank You”!

Remember, it’s better to be “passionate” about virtue rather than “concerned“. An ounce of passion is worth a pound of concern.

It’s better to put into practice things that we have already learned about virtue rather than to try and learn more. Virtue is about putting what is good into practice, not learning more new things about virtue that we will probably never put into practice. We possess knowledge and eloquence only in proportion to that amount of virtue that we actually practice.

Devote a year of your life writing a book about “charity” and it still pales in the light of a simple act of kindness like giving a homeless person a gift certificate for a hamburger. Many think they will find happiness in doing a lot of talking and acquiring vast amounts of knowledge about virtue, but true happiness really only comes to those who put virtue into action.

Thanks to all you disciples of virtue who:

  • Talk to your sports teams about virtue in stories, during one on ones, in weekly practice/game situations
  • Promote the virtue of the week on your team, in your class or school, at work, and at home.
  • Work daily to personify the virtues in your own lives.