Virtue Calendar


To refrain from sexuality that is contrary to ones morals.

— Chastity

Intense emotionalism towards an interest or pursuit.

— Enthusiasm

Advice, opinion, or instruction to a friend needing help.

— Counsel

Using ones talents as a means of earning ones livelihood.

— Enterprise

To be genuine, honest, not falsified or duplicated.

— Sincerity

Favorably disposed and inclined to be kind and helpful to others.

— Friendliness

Kindly, amiable, mild mannered and respectable.

— Gentleness

Honesty, fairness, or integrity in ones beliefs, to hold in high respect.

— Honor

The ability to perceive the comic or absurd quality of life. Good temperament.

— Humor

Training of ones self, usually for improvement.

— Self-Discipline

Willingness to comply with or submit to authority.

— Obedience

Conformity to the rules of right and virtuous conduct.

— Morality

Control or restraint of oneself or ones actions or feelings.

— Self-Control

To surrender personal freedom and subject yourself to the will of another.

— Servitude

The quality of being free from vanity. Not boastful. Humble.

— Modesty

Fair and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions or practice differ from your own.

— Tolerance

The actual state of affairs, honest, accurate, verity, platitude.

— Truth

The readiness and ability to initiate action.

— Initiative

Good or benevolent nature, considerate, helpful, humane, gentle, loving.

— Kindness

Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles from study.

— Knowledge

The ability to go before others and show them the way. Guide. Direct.

— Leadership

The state of being faithful to commitments, obligations, causes, and people.

— Loyalty

Esteem or deference to a right of another, to honor, be courteous to.

— Respect

Answerable or accountable for one’s own actions.

— Responsibility

Proper esteem or regard for the dignity of one’s character.

— Self-Respect

Devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country.

— Patriotism

To undergo a penalty, pain, or loss in defending a principle, ideal, goal, or movement.

— Suffering-a-cause

True to one word, promise, allegiance, or affection. To be loyal and constant.

— Faithfulness

To yield to the possession or power of another person, influence, or course.

— Surrender

Being tough, not giving up, coming back time and time again.

— Tenacity

To grasp the significance, importance, or meaning of.

— Understanding

Keeping a dignified composed manner even under stress.

— Poise

Being wise and judicious in planning practical and future affairs.

— Prudence

What is right, righteous, guided by truth, reason, and fairness.

— Justice

Mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty and adversity.

— Fortitude

Moderation or self-restraint in action.

— Temperance

Belief, confidence or trust in a person or thing, not based on proof.

— Faith

To look forward, to believe, desire, and trust that events will work out as desired.

— Hope

Affectionate concern for the well-being of others.

— Love

The ability to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear.

— Courage

Vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, emotions, or attitudes of others.

— Empathy

Readiness or liberality in giving to those in need.

— Generosity

Having a modest estimate of ones own importance. Not proud.

— Humility

Adherence to moral principles. Congruence in thought, spoken word, and deed.

— Integrity

Benevolent feeling toward those in need, generous actions.

— Charity

The ability to suppress restlessness when delayed. Waiting without complaint.

— Patience

Feeling or expressing gratitude or appreciation.

— Thankfulness

Surrender or destruction of something prized for the sake of something of higher value.

— Sacrifice

The ability to discern what is true of right, judicious and learned.

— Wisdom

An act of helpful activity or aid.

— Service

Great delight or happiness caused by something good.

— Joy

The act of restraining ones self, avoiding extremes. Temperance.

— Moderation